The lock down continues to hinder all our plans for the future and present. “New Normal” allows us to have weddings with 50 guests. This applies to all our family members and vendors. This brings us down to a maximum of 2-3 members for our Photography and Filming Team. This is a huge loss considering how strong our team strengths are at weddings.

We have had the opportunity to speak with many brides-to be over the past two months in order to get to know their thoughts. Although there are many decisions to be made about when and how they should have their weddings, we know that many Brides and Grooms want small intimate ceremonies at home.


We have seen many situations and been in many places as wedding photographers. These pictures are for illustration purposes only.


We have compiled the following list of top 3 reasons to hire a professional photographer for your intimate wedding at home.


1. They are masters at their craft

You did read it right. Master craftsmen are those who have years of experience in wedding photography and have learned the techniques to create memories that will last a lifetime. Wedding photographers are skilled in navigating the important details of a wedding. Professional wedding photographers have perfected their craft to take meaningful photos that are truly special.


2. They are highly aware of the current situation.

The ability to observe is a key aspect of wedding photography. You can take great photos when you are observant and fully aware of what is happening. This is what professional wedding photographers do best. They are always available and will capture the ‘that moment’ on camera. You get what you pay.


3. They are experts in their field

Professional wedding photographers can do everything, from communicating with clients to creating stunning images to delivering them on email, to talking to them. Professional conduct is guaranteed, whether he/she is a solo photographer or a team of 20. Professionals are also familiar with their business margins, and can therefore offer affordable packages during uncertain times. The difference between a bargain and a cheap deal is often the difference in the quality of the photos and videos that you receive, the service you receive, and the memories you can keep.


Don’t worry Brides and Grooms, if you have put off the wedding until next year. The “New Normal” will be temporary. Indian weddings will return to the same high-quality shebang as before. You can still have a peaceful wedding if you hire a professional.