A chic wardrobe is built around neutrals and grayscale colours. A stylish, versatile capsule wardrobe is complete with black trousers, a white shirt, or a beige trench coat. Boring neutral basics can indeed be a bit boring. We have the solution for you to inject some excitement into your everyday outfits. Follow these 5 tips to bring colour and richness to your everyday wardrobe.

Colour up and keep going attractive carry-on bag can brighten up any outfit. A colourful shoulder bag or tote will add a pop of colour to neutral outfits. You can keep it simple with primary colours such as yellow and blue or bring out the richness of jewel-toned colours like emerald and burnt orange. Mistry’s crescent-moon-shaped purse is a great choice. With their stylish and sophisticated carry-ons, you can give your casuals and workwear a stylish boost.

Get a colourful view.

This is a great way to add some vibrancy to your look. You can add some colour to neutral or grayscale outfits by picking up bright and colourful eyewear. Experiment with tortoiseshell textures, warm tinted sunglasses and subtle pastel transparency. Soft pastels and jewel-toned metallics are rich options.

Transparent frames in coloured colours add an extra dimension to your classics. This particular piece comes from John Jacobs.

Colour within the lines

It has been proven that neutral clothing is the best sartorial choice. You can make things more vibrant by adding key pieces to your wardrobe in neutral colours with bright details. Choose white, eggshell, grey, and beige-toned clothing that features pastel or deep-coloured details such as piping and ribbed finishes. You can also choose to have brightly coloured detailing on a neutral foundation. These are great for events, work and travel. Bodice is by Ruchika Sachdeva.

Cut it up in colour

The most overlooked part of our outfits is the hair accessories. If done well, these accessories can be a stylish way to make a fashion statement. A large scrunchie in a bright, pastel or muted colour is a subtle way to add colour to your outfit. You can choose from stark colours like surf blue or olive green, or stick with your favourites like yellow or magenta. These stunning beauties go well with formal wear, Indian casuals, and Indo-fusion occasionwear. You can give your style a unique twist with these hair accessories. Tie your hair in a bun or ponytail.

Get some colour!

The printed scarf is a timeless classic full of colour and has unmatched fashion appeal. It’s an easy way to add colour to your look. You can give your neutral or grayscale outfits a sophisticated look with printed scarves. These can be tied around your neck for a retro look or around your head in a more traditional way. These will elevate your style!

Get your colour on!

An easy way to update an outfit is with a stylish, cinched waist belt. This is a great way to add some colour to your wardrobe staples. A colourful belt will brighten up any outfit, whether a wide, high-waisted belt or a simple leather one.

For the win, danglers made of colourful resin Resin jewellery is a hot trend these days. We love the pop of colour it gives to even the most basic outfits. Plant-based polymer trinkets made from plant-based polymer and danglers are a great addition to the jewellery trend scene. These stylish pieces will add youthful vibrancy to any wardrobe. These pieces will give your wardrobe the colour boost it needs. Samriddhi created this look. 

Step into colourful confidence! Fashion lovers will love our obsession with fashionable footwear. Shoes are an accessory that almost everyone uses. You can jazz up your wardrobe by adding bright, jewel-toned footwear. Bright boots can elevate even the most basic black outfit. A pair of bright sneakers can elevate an everyday work outfit to a new level. You can wear what you love, but choose a colourful version! We hope you found these tips useful and enjoyable to improve your everyday essentials. It is a skill that requires the right accessories to create a stylish and versatile closet. What are you waiting to do? So get styling!