You have spent years perfecting your photography skills and are now completely satisfied with the results. Everyone loves your style, and your customer reviews are outstanding. You don’t have enough photoshoots. How can you make it even better? How can you reach more customers?

We have the answer. It’s simple and quick: Google. How many people search for wedding photographers in the US using search engines? It is estimated that 10,000 people visit your website each month. Ten thousand people per month can access your website to book your services.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key component to improving your site’s position. You can optimize your website and follow the SEO rules to get to the top of Google. This will ensure that thousands of people visit your site each month. This guide will help you get more clients and improve the position of your website.

Important basics

Before you start to search for the right keywords or optimize your pages, there are a few things you should be aware of. Although it might seem obvious to some, it is worth reviewing the key points again. This checklist can be a great place to start if you are new to SEO.

Google Analytics and Search Console are now available.

Google Analytics and Search Console, both free Google tools, will allow you to track your progress. This tool is essential to help you evaluate the performance of your website.

Google Search Console allows you to track your pages’ positions and how many people saw them in Google search results.

Attention to the content

You must write lots if you want to rank well in search engines. You can’t copy content from other websites and add text to your pages that aren’t original. You can lose your website’s position and be banned from Google search engines. The same problem can occur if your site contains duplicate pages or text. Spend some time rewriting similar texts.

Most marketers agree that longer content ranks better. Therefore, include relevant and useful text on your landing pages. Serpiq states that the average page ranking in the top 10 Google results is 2,000 words. So make sure you fill your page with relevant and useful information.

Install Robots.txt, and a sitemap

Robots.txt, a text file, defines which pages Google should scan and which pages it should ignore. Google cannot crawl any private information if this file is missing. This file can be harmful to both your site and you. It can hide your URLs, admin panels, and duplicate content.

A sitemap is a tool that search engines use to navigate your website. It is a hierarchical listing of pages that gives instructions to search engines. Install a plugin to create a sitemap on WordPress and add your pages to it. This will allow you to get them indexed.

Start a blog

Blog posts are a great way to create relevant content for your audience. Your site grows consistently, ranks higher for keywords, and gets more visitors.

SEO is all about keywords

The wrong keywords could cost you money, time, and results. Keywords are words that people use to search for you on Google. Sometimes, just a few key words can double your traffic.

Which keywords should I rank?

Ask yourself several questions:

What industry do you work in? (photography, stock photography, fine art and wedding photography)

What are the best ways to find such and other services in my locality? (wedding photographer Arizona; family portraits Newcastle; boudoir photographer cost, Iceland photography tour).

Services for finding keywords

Online services can also be used to search for keywords. You can also use them to find keywords related to your topic. Other services provide information about how many searches you make per month and the difficulty of each keyword. Hubspot has a great article about these tools, including their prices and main functions. Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner are our main tools.

Ahrefs has the following information:

  • Search volume is the number of people searching for this keyword per month.
  • Keyword difficulty (defines the difficulty of reaching the top results);
  • Keyword ideas.