The research will show that customers are more likely to be impressed by personalized and emotional images. Visuals and storytelling are great ways to first impression on your customers. Visuals were a key factor in the success of the booming ecommerce market. Visual content was a powerful tool to build trust and create an emotional connection between users and new products and services.

Research shows that visuals can be processed up to 60,000 times faster than words. Since 2000, the average customer’s attention span has been 8 seconds. This is a decrease of 12 seconds. Our focus is changing. We are looking for a quick, efficient, and effective communication method with clients. The first impression is more important than what you offer your clients. Your customers have only seconds to engage you.

You can make a lasting impression on your clients if you reach out and touch them. You should ask yourself what images you can use to accomplish this goal. What images can you use to promote your products or services? We have the answer.

5 types of photos that evoke emotions

Amazing moments in these images are those where the photographer is silently observing. This well-captured image shows something personal, quick, and a little snappy. This is a moment in which the subjects don’t know they are being photographed. Because we know that the photos are not staged, making them relatable.

This style of photography is similar to mobile photography, which dictates current trends. These images are often taken while on the go, quickly snapped and then presented on our feed. These images are immediately interpreted as ‘friendly’ content by us when we see them.

Sincere emotions

It is not easy to convey people’s emotions in a friendly way. You should look for images that aren’t staged and try to convey a message that feels more real. This type of photo is directly related to the previous one. We respond positively to emotions that we don’t feel compelled to immediately.

Creativity in compositions

Photographers are familiar with the basics of photography. The ones who break the rules and create something unique and unexpected are the ones who achieve the impossible. Unusual and creative compositions give us a feeling of awe. We haven’t seen it before and something that we will remember for many years to come. Your clients will likely appreciate unusual images because they are more likely to respond to your creative twists.

Children and babies

Only a few people might be offended by images of children and babies. However, the majority of people can pick up the traits of tiny humans (an innate reaction that is universal across cultures) and process the images radiating positivity. It’s easy to relate to children and to the joy of having children in our lives. This understanding puts a smile on many faces. You’ll find them funny and unpredictable, which is part of the charm.

Baby animals

If you have a population that isn’t responsive to children and babies, the next best thing to do is give them the adorableness of baby animals. This can be explained in two ways. One is similar to #4, and one is because we have a deep-rooted instinct to nurture. It’s an embedded response you can tap into.

These are psychological theories and some assumptions. Scientists have found that certain images are more likely to elicit an emotional response than others. We hope this collection of photos will brighten your day and help you with your next marketing campaign.