When you search for images in our database, the first page you see might not contain the images you want. It would be best if you didn’t settle for the first image you see simply because they are easily accessible. They’re there, simple to use, and they weren’t difficult to find.

You will find more original and relevant content if you dig deeper. You’ll find a vast library of great conceptual and artistic photos if you look deeper.

Your projects are urgent and cannot wait. Your images are urgently needed. We have compiled quick tips to help you get the most from our database. It’s possible with just a few tricks and perhaps a secret or two.

Find your target keywords.

Your search for stock photography should begin with a brainstorming session, just like any great quest. You know exactly what you are looking for and have a few keywords in mind. Brainstorming can reveal more concepts and keywords that could be very helpful to you.

Keep track of any things that relate to your theme. You can dig deeper to discover specific symbols, descriptive words, and concepts. You will find a more specific and focused search if you spend time searching for the right words.

We can do a deeper search for “summer + laughter + party” to get a more atmospheric shot like this one.

Symbols, emotions

Continue brainstorming by identifying the symbols that are relevant to your search. What are the emotions you would like your images to communicate? You can narrow your search by keeping the result in mind.

You’ll find many generic searches if you try to search for photos of the beach. Think about what you associate with the beach. What imagery will set a mood and not just be decorative?

This image appears for “sunshine +confetti” instead of just “summer”.

Storytelling tip

Images can be powerful. Images can enhance your article, ad, or campaign. You can’t ignore storytelling. Storytelling has never been more important. It is important to avoid using cliches such as a meeting to represent the business. How is the meeting atmosphere? Combine your keywords with key concepts to find images that aren’t literal.

A series of photos can be created by searching the keywords “entrepreneurship + work” for the keywords:

Using photography vocab

Photographers upload images keeping you in mind. Photographers don’t have the same knowledge as you and use their terminology. Put yourself in the shoes and position of the photographer. Photographers often describe the exact contents of a photograph. You can also add ‘low-light’ or ‘bokeh’ to the description. You’ll be able to find the perfect images if you know some basic vocabulary.

One of the most searched terms for “bokeh light + City”:

Refine search with filters

We now get to the small things you can do on this website to obtain more precise search results. Although many people are familiar with search filters, few use them to their full advantage. Once you have identified your keywords and concepts, you can refine your search by category, excluding certain keywords, image orientation, editorial photos, number of people, and main color.

Search for by image

You probably collect images while working on projects. Although you may not be able to use the images, you can upload them into ‘Search by Image’ to find similar images. This search is for images with similar compositions, colors and subjects. This is a great tool for those in rushes.

Search by author and series

If you find an image that matches your search criteria, click on it to open a gallery with similar images. To view the author’s portfolio, you can click on their name. You will likely need more images in the future. You can save time by finding contributors who work in the same style.