Halfway through the year, we like to review our photographers’ work. We wanted to review our portfolio to determine which mobile photos are selling well. Mobile photography is on the rise.

These photos show what? If you compare the photos to our previous coverage of the top mobile images, you might see some new trends. This is a great way to see what’s hot, what’s changed, and what the current aesthetic is.

Interiors in the black and white many people believe that black and white photography has lost its appeal. The top mobile photo reveals that this is far from the truth. Black and white photography remains relevant and is still a popular choice for stock photography. It brings simplicity to patterns like this one and shows that black and white photography can be used in various settings. This shot is perfect.

Multi-purpose backgrounds

The peacock feather photographed with drops of water is a popular photo that can be used in many different ways. It can be used as background, whether it is full-size or cropped. This macro shot’s composition and the depth of field are both keys to its success.

Amazing moments

Photographs that capture everyday moments are relatable and sentimental because they can be candid. This shot shows a mother tending to her daily tasks while caring for her child. It has a casual feel that is very touching. People all over the globe take photos of daily life. We can all benefit from them as it helps us connect with other cultures, people, and traditions.

Your point of view

We often mention photographs taken from this angle when discussing trends on our blog. These photographs are relatable and can be captured in candid moments of everyday life. Many people will be drawn to the simple task of photographing breakfast in bed, even if it is only one shot. This is another example of how even the simplest photos can be best sellers.

Sunset or sunrise

It could be one or both, but it’s not the main focus of the shot. Images of tranquil landscapes in which colors are the main focus of the photo will be very popular. The image is visually more interesting because of the contrast between the background and foreground. A beautiful time to photograph is sunrise and sunset. They make a wonderful addition to any portfolio.

The power of color

The electric blue sky beautifully balances the calm sea waves. This photograph is perhaps the most striking because of its vivid blue shades. A group makes the casual shot of a day on the beach of seabirds in midflight. Another simple photo that captures the atmosphere of a location. This is a wonderful example of the power of color in photos.

Serene landscapes

The mood created by the photographer is crucial when talking about landscape photography. When you see this photo, the word that comes to mind is “serenity”. This photograph is a success because of its color palette, reflection, composition, and symmetry.

Atmospheric shot

The candid moments of everyday life, when they are combined with nature and landscapes, will always be more appealing than staged photos. Although two people can look forced when huddled together under blankets overlooking a canyon, this photo is taken from the back, with the sun shining through their silhouettes, making it a more interesting composition.


A photograph of three ducks on a white background could be boring. But the way the shot was composed and the timing make it seem quite different. This is a simple composition with lots of color and emphasis on patterns. Simple shots that are minimalistic and simple will always grab attention, especially when they tell a story.

Photography of pets

Sometimes our furry friends (or not so furry in my case) make the best subjects to photograph. Photographs often show the human connection with their pet. This striking photograph shows a cat looking up from an unusual angle. The photograph is simple, but it’s captivating because of the emphasis on the cat’s eyes.