A few photographers are skilled at capturing the grace and elegance of their subjects artistically. Konrad Bak specializes in translating the feminine form’s sensuality in an artistic and interpretive manner. While his portfolio includes some beautiful shots, it mostly features the embodiment of elegant and powerful women.

Tell us about your career and yourself.

Konrad Bak is my name. I currently live in Wroclaw, Poland. I graduated from the University of Technology, Wroclaw. Since I was a teenager, I have taken pictures for over ten years. Beauty, fashion and equine photography are my specialties.

My professional career began with the opportunity to earn money. But I quickly discovered that stock photography was something I wanted to do. It’s an amazing way to reach new customers that you would not find under normal circumstances.

One of your images is the top-selling image in our database. What is the secret to that photograph’s success?

This photograph is very different from the standard stock image of a couple kissing on a white background. I prefer models who can act as actors and play intimate scenes rather than just posing. It’s the key to great photography, I believe.

Your photographs often have a sense of surrealism. What would you describe as your photography style?

My opinion is that the camera lens should convey feelings and tell stories. My photographs capture moments, fleeting beauty and mood. I am fascinated by the feminine body’s sensuality, the uniqueness of its facial features, mood fluctuations, and the possibility of converting it into a durable format.

What’s your philosophy about commercial photography?

I attempt to “smuggle” artistic values into commercial space. Commercial ads that affect our emotions are the most memorable. Professional technical skills are essential to achieve this goal. Only a well-mastered tool can give you the best results.

How important is post-production for photographers?

Professional photography is now dependent on post-production. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with the perfection of everything around us. There is a strong trend towards “authentic photography” without Photoshop or similar tools. This is especially true for lifestyle, travel, and reportage photography. Some photos need a lot of post-production (depending on the project), while others don’t require any final touches.

What are the most important things to remember when creating images that sell?

Development is always my priority. It is not an exception with microstock. My appreciation for my work influenced my motivation to keep going during the month. It is very rewarding to search for gaps in the microstock market and then try to fill them. I recommend that you have a bold demeanor and a high artistic level when shooting photos.

Which photograph is your favorite?

It’s hard to tell, but I think it might be the one where a young woman is wearing a “rose gown”. It’s a tribute to female beauty, presented in a unique floral arrangement.

Do photographers have to find their niche?

It isn’t easy to say. I am trying to do both. You have the chance to be appreciated and recognized around the world if you can find your niche. You can also try different genres to find the one that you are most comfortable with and, eventually, your specialty. You can start microstock at any moment, and you will succeed if you put your best foot forward.