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Engagement Session | Perth, WA

I have shot weddings and engagement photography all over the eastern seaboard but shooting an Engagement session in Fremantle in Perth for this lovely couple was really something else. I have known Jason and Linda for several years now and they have become very dear friends of my wife Emelia and I. We even spent a wet Christmas together in Sunshine beach. These guys have been together for a long time and I have been waiting for them to announce their engagement. Finally it happened.

These shots were all taken in and around Fremantle (south west of Perth), this old area was once owned by a magnate who renovated the whole area (we are talking city blocks) and then after he was done donated the entire area to become a university. There are cobbled streets, beautiful sandstone integrated with modern buildings in an almost seamless transition between the two. I could shoot weddings here everyday of the week for a year and still not use the same location twice, there is just that much stuff to see.

It was great to see them again and shoot these engagement photography for them. Perth is an amazing place and I cant wait to get back there. Since Jason and Linda’s wedding is in Margaret River, I will get the chance. I can’t wait!