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Here are some tips and tricks to bring a little colour into your wardrobe

A chic wardrobe is built around neutrals and grayscale colours. A stylish, versatile capsule wardrobe is complete with black trousers, a white shirt, or a beige trench coat. Boring neutral basics can indeed be a bit boring. We have the solution for you to inject some excitement into your everyday outfits. Follow these 5 tips to bring colour and richness to your everyday wardrobe.

Colour up and keep going attractive carry-on bag can brighten up any outfit. A colourful shoulder bag or tote will add a pop of colour to neutral outfits. You can keep it simple with primary colours such as yellow and blue or bring out the richness of jewel-toned colours like emerald and burnt orange. Mistry’s crescent-moon-shaped purse is a great choice. With their stylish and sophisticated carry-ons, you can give your casuals and workwear a stylish boost.

Get a colourful view.

This is a great way to add some vibrancy to your look. You can add some colour to neutral or grayscale outfits by picking up bright and colourful eyewear. Experiment with tortoiseshell textures, warm tinted sunglasses and subtle pastel transparency. Soft pastels and jewel-toned metallics are rich options.

Transparent frames in coloured colours add an extra dimension to your classics. This particular piece comes from John Jacobs.

Colour within the lines

It has been proven that neutral clothing is the best sartorial choice. You can make things more vibrant by adding key pieces to your wardrobe in neutral colours with bright details. Choose white, eggshell, grey, and beige-toned clothing that features pastel or deep-coloured details such as piping and ribbed finishes. You can also choose to have brightly coloured detailing on a neutral foundation. These are great for events, work and travel. Bodice is by Ruchika Sachdeva.

Cut it up in colour

The most overlooked part of our outfits is the hair accessories. If done well, these accessories can be a stylish way to make a fashion statement. A large scrunchie in a bright, pastel or muted colour is a subtle way to add colour to your outfit. You can choose from stark colours like surf blue or olive green, or stick with your favourites like yellow or magenta. These stunning beauties go well with formal wear, Indian casuals, and Indo-fusion occasionwear. You can give your style a unique twist with these hair accessories. Tie your hair in a bun or ponytail.

Get some colour!

The printed scarf is a timeless classic full of colour and has unmatched fashion appeal. It’s an easy way to add colour to your look. You can give your neutral or grayscale outfits a sophisticated look with printed scarves. These can be tied around your neck for a retro look or around your head in a more traditional way. These will elevate your style!

Get your colour on!

An easy way to update an outfit is with a stylish, cinched waist belt. This is a great way to add some colour to your wardrobe staples. A colourful belt will brighten up any outfit, whether a wide, high-waisted belt or a simple leather one.

For the win, danglers made of colourful resin Resin jewellery is a hot trend these days. We love the pop of colour it gives to even the most basic outfits. Plant-based polymer trinkets made from plant-based polymer and danglers are a great addition to the jewellery trend scene. These stylish pieces will add youthful vibrancy to any wardrobe. These pieces will give your wardrobe the colour boost it needs. Samriddhi created this look. 

Step into colourful confidence! Fashion lovers will love our obsession with fashionable footwear. Shoes are an accessory that almost everyone uses. You can jazz up your wardrobe by adding bright, jewel-toned footwear. Bright boots can elevate even the most basic black outfit. A pair of bright sneakers can elevate an everyday work outfit to a new level. You can wear what you love, but choose a colourful version! We hope you found these tips useful and enjoyable to improve your everyday essentials. It is a skill that requires the right accessories to create a stylish and versatile closet. What are you waiting to do? So get styling!

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Top Fashion Tips and Tricks For Men

Many people think that looking good is the most important thing. We feel better when we look good. People treat us with more respect and a different way often than we do. There are many fashionable options for men that can transform them from the average man to the most attractive man in the room. Fashion for men is both traditional and modern. Any change can seem daunting, particularly if it involves a complete overhaul of your look. We are happy to share top fashion tips and tricks for men to help you get through this process.

Style is in Your Eye

To be fashionable, the first thing a man should do is research. There are many styles to choose from. You can choose from various styles, including formality levels and knowing when to go where. You can also find a variety of periods, new styles, and new interpretations of old looks. These details should be thoroughly researched and taken into consideration. It is worth taking the time to examine the differences in style options across a variety of designers, times and types of clothing.

A quality suit is a key fashion decision that every man should make. You don’t have to buy the most expensive suit. Even the most expensive suits can still be impressive. It is important to dress well and wear nice clothes. Name brands and unusual cuts will usually cost more. If you are looking for a simple suit that you can wear and feel good in, starting with something within your budget is best. You will develop a sense of style by spending time browsing men’s clothing online.

Make it Tailored

No matter what style you choose, tailors will be your best friend. Although it might seem like something that only the wealthy and eccentric do, getting clothes tailored is much cheaper and more straightforward than you think. A tailor may need to alter your clothes on the spot in as little as 30 minutes or up to five days, depending upon how busy they are. A simple alteration can cost you as low as $15 to get your clothes just right.

Get to know your local tailor if you want to make a fashion statement. They can transform your appearance with high-quality work. A well-tailored piece can make the difference between looking great and looking amazing. The fit of the garment should be checked across the shoulders and at the waist. An outfit that is too tight or too loose in these areas will look awkward or sloppy. It is easy to make pants and shirts that are comfortable and attractive.

Think Creatively – Splash in Color

A great fashion tip for men is to add a bit of colour to an outfit. Try adding in a little colour once you’ve had time to get a feel for dressing in straightforward-looking fashion clothing. Men often avoid more vibrant colours for fear of being criticized. The truth is that colour isn’t feminine. It’s just colour. Any shade of colour a man chooses, as long as it is in keeping with his fashion sense.

Accessorizing is the best way to add colour. Accessorizing with a well-fitted and stylish watch can add some colour to the mix. Silver and gold are subtle colours paired with any formal grey, black, or navy suit. You can also experiment with lighter or more subdued polo or dress shirt colours. A bold tone in a simple outfit can make it stand out. Trendy colours can be found in a different suit colors, but earth tones are easier for men to wear.

Try New Looks Gradually

It is important to take small steps towards making changes. Keep researching the differences between your initial choices and other styles. You can mix and match pieces one at a time, and you have enough room to make a decision. Is it functional or too extravagant? Make sure to evaluate your choices carefully. You can play with colours, styles, shoes, and accessories.

You can experiment with different degrees of formality. Men’s fashion is often pictured as a boring but nice suit. Although suits are a standard fashion item, a well-made suit can distinguish between stylish and boring. There are many types of formal overcoats, in addition to suits.

There are many styles and cuts of men’s dress shirts. This can be an interesting detail to explore when you don’t have a blazer. You can experiment with various slim- to loose-fitting dresses, shirts and interesting ties. Men’s fashion includes a variety of vests, sweaters and polos.

Do not allow others to dissuade you.

Nearly everyone believes they are fashion gurus. Everyone has their style. No matter how well-meaning they may be, others will still chime in. Whether you’re wearing a simple outfit or adding original embellishments to your outfit, people will make comments.

Uninformed compliments can disappoint if you had hoped for more. Everyone wants people to notice the one thing they did differently today. It’s okay for people not to notice the changes. It’s a sign that you have style flair that matches the rest of your outfit.

There are always those who don’t like you, and they will make vague compliments. They will always notify you and say a few harsh words no matter what. It is a fact that people get used to seeing things one way and acting in the same way. People can be confused by the transition from casually messy to intentionally tidy. You may be made fun of by them, which can feel isolated. You will soon find your new normal if you keep going.

Fashion can be a fun and exciting subject that can improve self-esteem and social standing. We love to bring you the best deals on the top men’s clothes so that you can express your style without spending a lot. Daily Sales offers the lowest prices on high-quality merchandise. We have a large selection of apparel and accessories. Check out our stock today.

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Beauty Habits You Can Use to Feel Amazing

You can look and feel beautiful if you learn the best beauty tips.

You can feel and look more beautiful every day by doing simple things.

These are the essential beauty habits I follow in my everyday life. I feel more attractive when I adhere to them.

Beauty Habits You Should Adopt

Here are 12 beauty tips that will help you look better.

These are the best habits of beautiful women, and I hope they will help you!

Before you wash your face, remove your makeup.

Make sure to remove all makeup before you wash your face.

This is one of your best choices for healthy skin.

It is common to wash your face only once.

However, removing makeup does not deep clean your pores. This is why you should wash your face twice.

This is known as double-cleansing. This process removes all makeup, dirt, and oils.

Next, wash your skin with a cleanser. This will penetrate your pores and treat any areas of concern, such as dry skin or acne.

You can also buy products that will help you get rid of makeup.

This is a very soft material. You can soak it in warm water, then wipe it off.

This is the best thing about it. It can be reused and lasts for 3-5 years.

It’s very affordable, and you can find it at most pharmacies.

An oil-based cleansing balm is another highly recommended way to remove makeup.

You can apply your makeup easily with an oil-based balm.

Because it is oil-based, it will not dry out your skin.

These three options can be used for double-cleansing. They will keep your skin looking fresh, clean, and radiant.

Always use sunscreen

This is something I must admit I am terrible at in the past.

I now know how important sunscreen is as a beauty routine, and I make sure to apply it every morning.

Sunscreen on your neck and face helps prevent wrinkles and lowers the chance of developing skin cancer.

It protects your skin against damaging UV rays and prevents sunspots.

Sunscreen is a great way to protect your skin.

I was not too fond of sunscreen for a while because it felt too sticky on my skin.

I found some amazing sunscreens that didn’t leave me feeling sticky.

Now I apply it before I apply my makeup.

It’s easy to try out different brands and find what works for you.

Even foundations with sunscreen already in them can be found.

This is my top recommendation, and it is highly rated by many. It’s quite expensive at $36 per bottle.

It was not cheap, but it lasted a long time. This is the one I like to buy.

No matter what brand you choose to use, make sure it is suitable for your skin, so you don’t get irritated.

Sunscreen is an important beauty habit that you should practice every day. It will help you look beautiful and healthy.

You will be pleasantly surprised when your skin looks amazing in five or ten years.

Take vitamins and eat healthily.

Your skin will reflect what is happening inside you and your health.

You can keep your beauty and health in check by eating healthier and taking more vitamins.

This may seem trivial, but it is. Not only will it affect your beauty, but your health will also affect the way your skin age.

Drinking more water is one of the best things you can do to be healthier.

Aim to drink 8 glasses of water per day.

This will allow your body to eliminate toxins and prevent you from becoming dehydrated, harming your skin.

You can also take specific beauty vitamins in addition to multivitamins.

Biotin is a popular ingredient for maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails.

The OLLY brand is one of my favourite beauty vitamins.

I love Undeniable beauty. It contains Biotin and Vitamin C, E, and Keratin. These all help to keep your skin looking its best.

These gummy bears are delicious and easy to eat.

Collagen is another important skin vitamin. It is a protein that improves the skin’s elasticity.

The Vital Proteins Collagen Peptide is a popular collagen supplement. This is unflavored power you can add to your smoothies or coffee.

Before you take any new supplements, make sure to consult your doctor.

All the above beauty vitamins are great options if you’re looking to incorporate a great beauty routine into your daily life.

Make sure you have a routine for your skin.

A skincare routine goes beyond just washing your face.

A skincare regimen was something I believed wasn’t necessary for years.

I was amazed at the results when I finally started following a skincare regimen.

Your skincare routine is a series of steps you take each morning and night to maintain your skin.

You can have simple or complex skincare routines, but they will help you target your skincare needs and make your skin look its best.

A skincare routine could include a cleanser, toner and serum, and a moisturizer.

It might be helpful to purchase a set that contains instructions and all of the products you will need if you’re new to skincare.

It would be best if you had a routine for your skincare.

It will ensure that your skin looks healthy and clean.

Beautiful skin is healthier skin.

A set of products is not necessary for a skincare regimen.

You don’t have to buy or use specific products. You can create your routine.

If you’re a beginner looking for a step-by-step guide to help you get started, I recommend the Dermalogica travel size set by Ulta.

This brand offers great products and step by step information.

This is a great way to test the products before buying the larger bottles.

Many options, including sets that address different skin issues like dry or acne. However, they can also be great starting points.

The best skincare tools available

You can keep your skin healthy and beautiful to look good.

Skincare products are important but so are skincare tools.

There are many types of skin tools.

It’s easy to keep it simple. I will only mention the essential tools I love and believe every girl should have in her makeup bag.

A facial cleansing brush is the first essential skincare tool.

You can exfoliate your skin with a brush rather than your hands and remove oily debris.

This will make your skin feel clean from the pores.

This will keep your skin clear and healthy.

You can use a washcloth to clean your face if you don’t have the funds for a facial brush.

You don’t have to apply your cleanser directly to your skin. Instead, use a wet towel to wipe it off gently.

Although this is better than washing your hands with soap and water, it’s not as effective as using a cleanser.

Cleaning tools can be found from very inexpensive to very expensive prices.

These silicone cleaners are the ones I use daily.

These are only 6.99 for a set of 4. They work great and have a very good price.

I also had used this one before, which had a rotating battery-powered brush head. I liked it too.

The Foreo Luna is a great face cleanser that I’ve heard amazing things about.

This silicon brush is powered by a battery and vibrates to clean your skin.

It is highly rated and has a faster response time. It is about $200. It is about $200. I haven’t tried it yet.

Last year, it won the Best of Allure Award, so it must be great!

An Ice Roller is the next beauty tool you should use to look your best.

Ice rollers can shrink pores and make your skin look more even. They also aid in lymphatic drainage.

I just purchased this ice rolling from Amazon. I love it! It is a joy to use every morning.

After I use it, my face looks so smooth and even.

Amazingly, I didn’t get one sooner. It is so relaxing that it feels almost like a facial massage.

A satin pillowcase is the third beauty tool I recommend. A satin pillowcase is gentle for your hair and skin.

The satin pillowcase is softer than regular cotton and causes less friction between hair and skin.

We spend between 6-8 hours each night asleep, so we need to do everything we can to ensure our hair and skin look beautiful.

Satin pillowcases can be very affordable.

Exfoliate regularly

This beauty tip is something you should try every day or at least weekly.

Exfoliating your skin makes it look brighter and helps you absorb your beauty products better.

It will also help prevent breakouts and clogged pores.

Exfoliating my skin makes my skin feel so smooth.

You can exfoliate your skin by simply using the facial cleansing tools I have suggested.

Don’t forget to exfoliate the rest of your body.

You can also exfoliate your knees, elbows and feet.

You can exfoliate your body with a loofah or body brush, a shower glove, or foot pumice.

To exfoliate your skin, you can also use a body scrub.

Body scrubs wash your body and contain tiny granules that help to exfoliate as you are washing.

A good body scrub can make your legs and arms feel soft.

The Shea Sugar Scrub from Tree Hut is currently my favourite body scrub. I have the coconut version, and it smells so tropical.

It’s also very affordable at $8.

The Herbivore Crumbled Amethyst Exfoliating Polish is another top-rated body scrub.

It was a Best of Allure Beauty winner last year, and it cost $44. However, it has received great reviews.

Another fantastic scrub, and the 2nd recipient of the Best of Allure Awards last year, is The Seaweed Bath Co. Exfoliating Detox Scrub.

You can also find great reviews on it, and it is a little cheaper at $12.

All of these options are great for exfoliating skin.

Make sure you take the time to scrub your skin.

Exfoliating is one of my favourite beauty practices to practice.

Wash your face before you go to bed

It is tempting to fall asleep without washing your face after a long day.

You should wash your face every night before going to bed if you want your skin clean.

Your face will be most dirty at the end of the workday. Makeup, oil, and sweat are all present.

If you go to bed without washing your face, then this will sit on your skin all night and clog up your pores.

Remember to wash your face every night, even if it is super tiring. This is one of the best beauty habits you can live by.

You will feel more beautiful when your skin is healthy and clear.

Visit a dermatologist

Do you have trouble with one part of your skin?

Sometimes, skin conditions such as acne can not be treated with over-the-counter products or skincare tips.

I recommend that you see a dermatologist if you try to resolve a skin problem.

It can be overwhelming and scary, but they can help.

Cystic acne has plagued me for years.

I tried everything to improve my skin: I changed my diet, cleansed my skin, used different products, and did a lot of research.

It didn’t work, but I did find a dermatologist who could prescribe me medication. My skin is now free from breakouts.

Clear skin feels incredible.

I wish I had gone years ago to avoid dealing with my acne for so many years.

My experience is that if you have a skin problem, don’t wait to get help.

Your skin will make you look so much better.

Sometimes, there are simple problems that require the attention of your doctor.

Give your hair and face a break.

It would be best if you took a break every once in a while to keep your hair and skin beautiful and healthy.

This can be done by washing your hair less often, every two days or three days.

You can also reduce heat styling and blow-drying.

Your hair will be less beautiful the more you damage it.

It is important to give it a break now and again to keep it healthy.

Don’t forget to give your skin a break.

I prefer to be without makeup for at least one day a week to allow my skin to breathe.

You don’t need to use makeup if you are staying at home. Your skin will be grateful.

The more damage we do to our hair and skin, the healthier it will appear.

You can reduce the damage to your hair and skin, and it will be beautiful!

Choose the best routine for you.

It is important to have a routine that you can stick to.

Do not make your beauty routine too complicated because someone else suggests it.

Find what works best for you. Choose products and habits that you can easily use and incorporate into your everyday life.

One person’s experience might not work for another. Start experimenting to find what works best for you.

It would be best to try all the beauty tips to make you feel more beautiful.

I believe that self-care and treating ourselves well will make us feel happier inside, making us look more beautiful outside.

Remember to be kind to yourself. You are important!

These tips and tools will help you find your beauty routines.

They have worked well for me, I am sure.


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DIY Photography Backdrop Ideas

Easy DIY Backdrop Inspirations

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect combination of light and background for indoor portraits. A photography backdrop can be the solution when this happens. It doesn’t need to be costly, despite what you might think. You can make a DIY backdrop for your photos or set up a studio at home to improve your portraits.

We have 8 DIY photo backdrop ideas that you can make, allowing for a whole new world of creative and unique portraits.

DIY Photo Background Essentials

  • You will want to blur the background so that your subject is visible for most situations. There are two options. Either put your subject at least 1m (3ft) away from the background or use a wider aperture (e.g., f/2.2 to F/3.5.
  • Photograph backdrops will look different depending on the textile used. Avoid capturing shadows and wrinkles as they can distract from the image.
  • If your floor is included, ensure that the backdrop is flush with it. You can also pull the backdrop out so your subject is seated there.
  • Avoid using reflective materials or products if you don’t want to achieve a particular look.

Bedding Sheets with Patterns

For many reasons, bed sheets are great DIY backgrounds for photography.

  • They are a very affordable product.
  • You can easily shoot multiple subjects or wide enough to capture them all.
  • You can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns.
  • They’re light. Any patterned bed sheet can be secured by simply placing it on top of a table, as shown in the setup below.

Although sheets can make DIY photo backgrounds, they can get wrinkled even if they are folded correctly. These creases can distract from photos and make them look messy. This is why I recommend ironing your sheets before you use them.

Plain bed sheets can be a little tricky. It will look like a bedsheet unless the background is very blurred.

Lighting Tip

This shot was taken from my back porch, under an open shade. The soft natural light wraps evenly around her face, with no hot spots or spots. Beautiful catchlights were visible in her eyes because the light was coming from behind my right shoulder.

To ensure a simple composition and good eye contact, I placed myself in her eyes.

Remember to measure your subject’s skin and choose a large aperture to blur any background patterns.

Canon 135mm F/2 lens (on a full-frame camera). This long focal length compresses the background to blur the pattern, which allows for a good separation of subject and object. Setting: Shutter Speed 1/800, Aperture f/2 and ISO 200

Textured quilt

Textured fabrics are better than plain cotton for backgrounds because they emphasize every crease and imperfection.

This photo was taken on my front porch under an open shade, giving me soft, beautiful light.

I was hoping you could look behind the scenes as I capture this setting using only natural lighting and DIY backgrounds to create a beautiful, light-filled photo studio style.

I will also share the settings I used and my thoughts behind them.

How to Take Studio Portraits At Home

Floral Sheeting

Although the name may be misleading, the fabric is not always floral. You can also choose from paper or material flowers. This term is best if you are looking for that stunning sparkly effect. This piece was purchased from an online party supply store. This piece gives off the most amazing bokeh effect!

Door Curtain

Karen Hayden created a simple but effective backdrop using a sparkly curtain for her photography.

We can see her using her clothesline in the pullback shot. It was located in an open shade. She used the shed light-colored in the back to ensure a light background behind her door curtain.

There are a million options for door curtains at Pinterest.

Karen Hayden, Current Advanced Student – tadaa!


Vinyl can be purchased in small pieces at fabric shops, hardware stores and Etsy.

There are so many options. For a neutral and unimposing DIY backdrop for your photos, you can choose from plain or patterned vinyl, such as the one shown below.

I could go on and on. You can also find holiday scenes, splattered paint and imitation wood fencing on Etsy and eBay. These items are not handmade but can be found at your local hardware store or in your home.

Fairy Lights

Holiday photos are made easier by a twinkle-lit portrait. You don’t have to use fairy lights for a backdrop in any portrait.

This setup can be created with a simple set of fairy lights, a backdrop (even a wall) and an inexpensive backdrop.

This tutorial will show you how to set up the shot and the settings for pullback shots. This session will require you to shoot in manual mode as the aperture will determine the appearance of the fairy lights.

Painted floordrop

You can think outside the box! Set up some backgrounds under the subject and then shoot down on them. This will open up a world of creative possibilities.

Nell Williams, a student in our Advanced Photography Course, captured this amazing image. She was inspired by images on Pinterest and created this simple circus-themed backdrop paper using roll paper and poster paint.

Nell’s top tip is not to use too much paint on this DIY photo backdrop. The paper is thin and can tear easily if it is over-sprayed.

The trapeze was made using a dowel, and a rope purchased at a hardware store. The nylon rope she used was tightly wound, so heating it with a hairdryer worked well to loosen it. This added depth and interest to the shot.

Nell Williams, Current Advanced Student

A pullback shot is a great idea! Nell did exactly this.

Look Down

Even if your plans are not to make Nell’s floor drop, there are plenty of other items that you can use.

  • Textured throw
  • Patterned quilt
  • Sheepskin
  • Floorboards
  • Chalk floor drops (hello Pinterest!)
  • Confetti on seamless white papers
  • Floor rug
  • Grass
  • Sand and gravel. These natural surfaces create a beautifully blurred background.
  • Autumn leaves or flowers

Tips for Shooting from Above: DIY Photography Backgrounds

  • A wide lens is necessary to capture your subject when shooting down. This image was taken from my height with a 24-70mm lens at 24mm.
  • Alternatively, you might need to stand on a small stool or step to compose the image. This image was taken with an 85mm lens while sitting on a chair.

Safety Tip

  • Always ensure your camera strap is securely around your neck when taking photos of babies and children from high above. Because if your camera falls on your subject, you don’t want the strap to come off. If your camera and lens combination hits a child, it can cause serious injury.
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Three Ways to Photograph Christmas Lights

#1 Make Christmas Lights Twinkle

Our Christmas Light Photography List’s first goal is to turn any points of light into stars, as you can see in the example below.

If you have any points of light, such as the Christmas tree lights, they will turn into starbursts. There are two ways you can achieve this. You can use a filter or your camera settings to get this effect.

Let’s now look at using your camera settings to accomplish this.


The trick is to use a small aperture and a large F-number. It would be best if you used something around F22. You can use anything from F16 to F32, but F22 is fine.

This aperture is small enough to allow for light bursts wherever there are points of light. All the Christmas lights will become little stars reflected in that tiny aperture.

You will need to control your camera to set your aperture to F22. You can also shoot in manual mode, which is great. This will also allow you to adjust all of your settings.

You will want to shoot in aperture priority mode or manual mode to select your aperture number.


The second method is to use a star filter. It’s a filter that you place on top of your lens. They thread into it and have these little cut marks. It creates starbursts for you, regardless of what aperture you choose.

Instead of using F22, use F4.5 or F5.6. You’ll still get the star bars of light from the filter rather than the aperture.

These star filters can be used instead of your aperture is F22 doesn’t allow enough light to enter your camera.

I now have one, and I purchased the most expensive one I could find. I think the less expensive ones can make images look a little softer. If you have a very sharp L Lens and add a $4 crappy filter to it, your images will look softer. You can get them for as low as $15, but they are a bit more expensive. This is one I recommend.

#2 How to Photograph Christmas Lights by Using Focus

Let’s now move on to the second method of photographing Christmas lights. This is by moving them out of focus.

This is a creative way to photograph Christmas lights. It’s easy to do, as all you have to do is change your auto-focus setting to manual focus. Not many people do it, so you’ll have something different.

On the side of your lens, you will see a switch that reads AF or MF. You can switch your camera from an AF to MF to stop it from automatically focusing on any object.

You’re now going to set up the shot as normal, but instead of focusing, you’re going to turn the focusing ring of your lens and move it so that the Christmas lights don’t focus.

You can also set how far you want your focus to go, so you can move the ring around until you achieve that blurred look in your Christmas lights.

#3 Photography Christmas Lights With Light Bokeh

Let’s now move to the third and final method to make light bokeh. This is when the points of the light become small circles of light, as you can see in this example.

You can now do this with any subject in front of these lights – just like we did with the cookies jars. Or you can do it with people, ornaments, Teddy bears, and absolutely everything else!

Focusing on the subject will make it clearer. If there are lights in the background, these lights will turn into beautiful circles of light.

To do this, place your subject in front of a large number of lights. This could be your Christmas tree or a wall of fairy lights. These little lights will shine brighter than anything else. The more lights you have, the more bokeh in the background.

It would be best if you were shooting in aperture priority or manual mode because you want to choose a large aperture. This is a small F-number. It will give you light bokeh.

Remember that we also have the manual mode mood cheatsheet that you can download. This is especially important if your first settings are not quite right.

For the aperture, I would use F 2.2 to F 2.8. It all depends on what you are photographing and how deep you want to focus, but a minimum of F 2.2 or F 2.8 will give you light bokeh.

The only difference is that the lights will be in the background. You can watch How To Get a Blur Background in Photography. It will be a great help! We do have a blog post and a video on blurring the background.

You can also transform this light bokeh into other shapes. You can also choose to transform the bokeh into star or heart shapes.

You can make a DIY filter to slip on top of your lens. All you need is some black paper, scissors, and tape. You can make your filter by following the instructions on my blog next week. This link will be updated when I return to the blog.

Here are some general tips for photographing Christmas lights

Also, I promised you some tips for setting up Christmas lights photos. So here they are!


The first step is to set a low ISO number.

This will help you get sharper and cleaner photos by reducing noise and grain. If you are unsure about noise and grain or how to reduce it, we have another video called Why is my image grainy? that will help you understand what noise is and how to minimize it.


A tripod is a second tip. If you want to capture star-lit images, such as F22 for aperture, you will need to slow down the shutter speed. This is especially true if your shutter speeds are below 1/60. Your images will be sharper.


This will ruin any atmosphere or mood you create with your Christmas lights. This is why I recommend …..


During the day is the best way to capture Christmas lights because there’s more light. All the images you see here were taken during daylight. It’s easier to set the settings you desire, but you can also try taking photos at night. This gives the photos a unique look. However, you will need to work harder to achieve your desired settings. A tripod is a must-have!

Thank you so much! We’ll see you next week! I’m looking forward to seeing you next week when we return with another Christmas-themed video.

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Great Posing Tips for Portraits

In the previous article on portrait photos, we outlined the six most important rules in making great portraits, and now we’d like to talk more about each of them. Probably the most crucial thing to looking good in the photo is how you stand and move, or to be more precise, how your photographer will stand and move you.

Read tips below and learn about posing your clients and preparing to shoot and engage people to make quality, more impressive, and more atmospheric portraits.

Before shooting

It would help if you always planned how your photos look before heading to another themed event or simply outside. Remember that a love-story photo would look completely different from a family or at-the-party photo.

We advise you to browse the web for inspiration—typical and new looks, types of people, clothing styles, and so on—and think through the portraits you will make before the shooting.

During shooting

Be inspired and inspire.

You will need to understand that if the photo is not good, it’s your fault and not your client’s.

That’s why you always must start working in a good mood and inspire people. Smile, talk with them, ask them questions, make jokes, and tell them stories while working, and you will see confidence building up with every second and your client candidly smiling into the camera.

Natural expression

The more you speak with your model, the more candid their expression will become and the more mannerisms you will notice. Use it, don’t be afraid of telling your clients to stay in a certain position or repeat something, and see your shots getting better and better after every snap.


Angle your face

Try turning your face just a bit away from the camera. This way, beautiful shadows will appear on your cheekbones and nose.

Chin down

The most artificial thing to do when talking with people turns your nose up high. Ensure that your client always keeps the natural chin-down pose to make your photos look natural.

Shoot from above

Shooting from below creates an unfavorable ‘up-the-nose look’—letting your peep into their nose and mouth—making the person’s eyes look smaller, which is the last thing you want in a good portrait shot.

Stand sideways

Standing sideways is a really good idea for portraits as it will make you look thinner and taller in a photo, and your body will look well-proportioned.


Ensure that your model is putting its weight on its back foot. This way, the person you are shooting will look slimmer and taller and more natural.

Near the wall

This one is a no-brainer and always works well. Suggest your model leaning on a wall, and you will see that they will stand themselves naturally like they’re used to doing. More that, wall positioning lets you achieve nice-looking bokeh background.

Group shots

Remember that when making group portraits, you must never stand people from the shortest to the tallest as it will visually distort the picture. Stand people in a V-shape or from the tallest to the lowest.


The model’s shoulders—especially if your model is a woman—must never be captured in all their width as it will make the body look too big. Try to stand the person diagonally and make sure that their shoulders are relaxed.

Hands and arms

Your model’s hands and arms must never be tense. The best look may be achieved by placing your hands into or near your pockets, on your hip, or near your head but not showing them off as your face must be the most important part of the picture.

Feel inspired? Apply these awesome techniques to shoot distinctive photos that people will love, use our platform to sell them, and earn at least 70% of the photo value. Become a KeepSnap independent photographer and go out today to snap people around you and earn a living. It’s completely free for photographers.

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The importance of hiring a professional photographer to photograph your Home Wedding

The lock down continues to hinder all our plans for the future and present. “New Normal” allows us to have weddings with 50 guests. This applies to all our family members and vendors. This brings us down to a maximum of 2-3 members for our Photography and Filming Team. This is a huge loss considering how strong our team strengths are at weddings.

We have had the opportunity to speak with many brides-to be over the past two months in order to get to know their thoughts. Although there are many decisions to be made about when and how they should have their weddings, we know that many Brides and Grooms want small intimate ceremonies at home.


We have seen many situations and been in many places as wedding photographers. These pictures are for illustration purposes only.


We have compiled the following list of top 3 reasons to hire a professional photographer for your intimate wedding at home.


1. They are masters at their craft

You did read it right. Master craftsmen are those who have years of experience in wedding photography and have learned the techniques to create memories that will last a lifetime. Wedding photographers are skilled in navigating the important details of a wedding. Professional wedding photographers have perfected their craft to take meaningful photos that are truly special.


2. They are highly aware of the current situation.

The ability to observe is a key aspect of wedding photography. You can take great photos when you are observant and fully aware of what is happening. This is what professional wedding photographers do best. They are always available and will capture the ‘that moment’ on camera. You get what you pay.


3. They are experts in their field

Professional wedding photographers can do everything, from communicating with clients to creating stunning images to delivering them on email, to talking to them. Professional conduct is guaranteed, whether he/she is a solo photographer or a team of 20. Professionals are also familiar with their business margins, and can therefore offer affordable packages during uncertain times. The difference between a bargain and a cheap deal is often the difference in the quality of the photos and videos that you receive, the service you receive, and the memories you can keep.


Don’t worry Brides and Grooms, if you have put off the wedding until next year. The “New Normal” will be temporary. Indian weddings will return to the same high-quality shebang as before. You can still have a peaceful wedding if you hire a professional.

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Tilt Shift Lens for Wedding Photography

Tilt-shift lenses offer unique control over perspective and depth of field for photographers who have used them. These lenses are used to photograph architecture, landscapes, and creative portraits. However, they can also be great for creating stunning wedding day images. These lenses create a dreamlike appearance that works well with bright, airy images. Tilt-shift lenses are not as common as they used to be, but they can produce great results if used correctly. This article will show you how and when to use a tilt shift lens in wedding photography.

Our Favorite Tilt-Shift Lenses

Let’s begin with my top tilt shift lenses. These are my top picks as a Canon shooter.

  • Canon 24mm TS-E
  • Canon 90mm TS-E

Major camera manufacturers should offer an equivalent focal length.

Practice before the big day!

We recommend that you thoroughly understand your lens before taking a tilt-shift lens to cover a wedding ceremony. To master manual focusing, practice shooting with the lens. This will help you to perform well under pressure while capturing creative shots at a wedding ceremony.

Shooting Guidance

While wedding ceremonies are unique to each culture, there are some key moments you will likely see in the majority of ceremonies. These include the exchange of vows/rings and the first kiss. These moments are a great time to try a tilt-shift lens. This is a great opportunity to experiment with tilt-shift lenses, but we recommend only doing it if there’s another photographer covering the main angle using a regular auto focus lens. You could miss a crucial moment by taking an out-of focus photo.

These moments can be captured in a variety of ways depending on how long your lens is and what vision you have for the final image. These are two side-by-side photos that compare the images taken with a zoom or prime lens and a tilt-shift lens.

Ceremony – Wide Angle

Below is an image of a wedding scene taken with a standard zoom lens.

The same scene is shown below, but taken with a tilt-shift lens.

Recession – Medium Angle & Wide Angle

The four images below show the differences in the overall aesthetic and look.

Multi plane Focus: Use creativity

Tilt shift lenses are a great tool for photographers who want to capture multiple planes in one shot.


This unique look can’t be achieved in camera without a tilt shift lens, or without the ability to combine multiple images in post-production. We used tilt to shift the sharpness of the sign at the foreground and the couple at the altar in background.

You can find more reward than risk if you plan ahead

To ensure you don’t miss any crucial moments, it is a good idea for a second photographer to cover the action when you use a tilt-shift lens. If you plan on using a tilt-shift lens at a crucial moment such as the exchanging of rings, the first kiss, or the recessional to capture it, you can have the second photographer take the lead with a 24-70/70/200mm.


A tilt shift lens is a great tool for adding creativity to your wedding photos. It can be a great tool to enhance the photo’s impact if you use it with care and the right intentions. It can have a negative impact on your overall photos if you overuse it. Find the balance that suits you and your style.

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How to design a photo album

Printing is an essential part of photography, whether you are a professional or hobbyist. Printing your photos into wall art and albums is a better way to make your images tangible than storing them on hard drives or cloud storage. Printing your favourite images and placing them in a story will give them greater value, meaning, and impact. Why don’t you do this more often? It’s not because it takes too much time or is expensive. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a photo album.

1. Choose an Album Designer and Software for Album Design

The first step to designing a photo album is choosing the album maker and software. This is important before you start creating spreads or selecting images. Each album maker and design software has its own limitations and procedures. These limitations and procedures should be understood before you begin designing.

Software for Album Design

All consumer album makers have their own software to design your spreads. You won’t need to register or download another software. There are a few options for professional albums: Fundy Designer , Adobe In design, Smart Albums or Adobe Photoshop.

2. Choose your images and design your spreads

A strong understanding of storytelling is essential if you want to increase sales of wall art and photo albums for your photography business. We have broken down both skills into four easy steps in the video below so you can create wall art and albums that clients love to display in their homes.


How you choose and arrange your photos is key to creating better wall art and photo albums. These are the four steps to follow when selecting images for your next album spread or wall art cluster.

Step 1: Only one story per spread (not a summary).

Photographers often use multiple backdrops and scenes to capture images of their subjects. Each scene can offer a different setting and a potential story. A single scene can be broken down into smaller stories to fill multiple pages. However, each spread (two pages side-by-side) should be considered an individual story.

Imagine that a couple took photos at the beach. Perhaps they walked along the shore, before stopping to kiss on rocks. Although it might be tempting to show all of this action in one spread, we suggest limiting the spreads to the walk along the beach and the kissing scene on the rocks.

We can limit the number of spreads and clusters that we sell if we include images from multiple scenes in our wall art spreads. If a spread or cluster can include a moment from every scene, why would someone want to buy multiple spreads or clusters? It is harmful to the story being told, and it reduces sales potential.

Design tip When you present clients with wall art designs, as well as an album design, don’t just repeat the layouts and designs in one format. Clients may not be as likely to buy wall art if the album includes all the images that you highlighted in the wall artwork design. You can do some crossover, but you should mix it up.

Step 2: Choose the hero shot you want to build around


The spreads should have images that work together to tell a story. However, there must be a clear hero photo that serves as the center of the spread. Before you can choose a hero photo, you need to first know what you are looking for.

Learn more about your client’s preferences for photos. It may be the favorite image they requested before the session, or the image they pinned to their moodboard. The hero shot captures the mood and feels of the story, and highlights the subject. If the story is about a couple enjoying a romantic, or playful, stroll on the beach together, the hero photo should reflect that mood and set the scene for all the other images.

Make sure you choose flattering angles when choosing a hero shot. Your image quality standards for images delivered should be met, and the hero shot must add to the story.

Step 3: Each additional image enhances the hero/story


Each additional image should be built around the hero shot in order to show more of the story that is unfolding in the scene or across the spread. When choosing images, you should consider using a variety focal lengths (close-up, medium, and wide angle). This is also a reminder of step 1. Limit the number of images that are taken at the same time as the hero shot. For example, if you photograph a family session, you should not include every image you took during the session when creating an album spread. Choose cohesive images from one scene to tell the complete story in one spread or wall art cluster.

Step 4: Make sure images are consistent in appearance/color


We recommend choosing images that have a consistent look and color, unless you are trying to combine images that don’t work together. Also, consider whether you want the images to appear light and airy or dark and dramatic on one spread. The story may be disrupted if you place light and dark images on the same spread. It’s impossible to see the differences in lighting between each image.

You can choose images that have a consistent look and color if you have post-processed them with consistency. This is what you will learn in chapter 4.2.

These four steps will help you create wall art clusters and photo albums that sell. This will increase your income and make your clients happy with your services.

3. Make your images ready for printing by retouching and preparing them.

Once you have created your spreads, it is worth bringing your images back to Light room or Photoshop to do further editing. You will need to make your images larger. Make sure that each spread contains the same colors and tones. You can find a complete guide to printing images. We recommend that you review it.


Although printing your images in wall art and albums can seem daunting, the end result is well worth it.

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Five Tips to Capture Indian Wedding Mehndi Designs

Traditional mehndi designs included flowers, peacocks, and the iconic mango calico. Modern brides draw inspiration from Arabic, African and modern art for their mehndi designs. You can also include animals, nature elements and Hindu Gods in your mehndi designs. Some even have the Bride or Groom represented by names or figures. It can take anywhere from 2-6 hours, depending on the complexity of the design!

According to Indian tradition, the bride’s mehndi is darker than her husband’s. Here are some of our favourite bridal mehndi designs, as photographed at Indian weddings.

1. Take a closer look at the details of the Wedding Mehndi design

There are many wedding mehndi designs that brides can incorporate into their mehndi, as we have already mentioned. Traditional mehndi photographs are more wide shots that show both hands and aerial views of the designs. After you have captured the main elements, it’s time to get closer details. To capture these details, it is a good idea to have a macro lens and/or an adaptor.

2. Ask the Bride about special significance of designs

Ask the bride if she has any special mehndi designs that are meaningful to her. It could be a symbol of the state that the couple met, a date or significant religious symbol. Due to the diversity of personalities and interests, there are many options for wedding mehndi designs.

3. Capture the Groom’s Name

The most common tradition is for the bride’s mehndi artist to hide the groom’s name in the intricate design. After the mehndi has dried and stained the hands, the bride will ask the groom to look for her name in the mehndi. If you have mehndi artists who scatter letters of your name, make sure to capture them all!

4. The Wedding Mehndi Design Application Process: Photograph it

This is a great opportunity to include the mehndi artist in the shots and give them due recognition. This unique shot is made when henna, which comes out of the cone as liquid, stains the hands.

5. Capture Creative Angles

You can try a different angle and take the bride’s hand from an upward position. To see the bride’s mehndi designs, position the camera so it is on the ground. You can also try to incorporate her jewelry in the shot by having it held or placed on her hand.