Destination Wedding | Cossars Wine Shed | Christchurch, NZ

Christchurch wedding – Cossars

“Sometimes weddings are about people just beginning their journey together, sometimes they are about confirming a journey that has already started”

Mark and Penny have been engaged since 2006 and have been together forever. They have always intended to get married….it’s just that…..well, some (more important) things just got in the way. Mark and Penny have two lovely children Miele 5 and Ashton 2 they have made a lovely home and life for themselves in Christchurch New Zealand. Christchurch is not renowned for its beautiful weather but their beautiful Christchurch wedding was held on the best of the year (complete with a balmy evening), in a little vineyard just outside of Christchurch called Cossars. Surrounded by the hills of Christchurch this pretty little wedding venue was the scene for a long overdue celebration of the life that Mark and Penny have forged for themselves and their children.

I made lots of friends on my trip to New Zealand, I hope to see them all again soon…..

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