Melbourne Wedding | Comme | Melbourne Vic

What to say about Trent and Leah’s beautiful Comme wedding. Beautiful morning, beautiful Church, beautiful bride, Trent, Amazing wedding reception with surprise act that simply blew me and everyone away. Friends weddings are always fun, I have known Trent for years and he has been and always will be one of my great mates. My wife and I were away while Leah and he were getting to know each other and that’s a shame. Leah is a beautiful and fun, funny, driven and intelligent girl (among other fine qualities) and whilst we have not spent that much time with Leah, the time we have spent with her and with them as a couple has been well spent. Trent and Leah have built a fine life and home with each other and it is great to see, I am very proud of Trent indeed and more so for marrying a lovely girl like Leah.

Photographing their wedding was a privilege and an honor and working surrounded by your old school friends and people (on both sides) that you have known forever is just so much fun. Such a great wedding. Congratulations guys, Emelia and I will see a lot more of you guys now. Can’t wait!


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