David Ferguson, my long road……


I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about me and what I’m about….

I grew up in Country Victoria in a tiny little place called Ruffy. Ruffy is a very small place and there were only 3 kids in my class, Me, Timmy and Marcus. My early childhood was spent riding motorbikes and climbing trees. My Family are farmers but ever since my grandma gave me a little polaroid camera in the Christmas of 88′ I have been taking photos. When I was 5 my Family bought a farm in Gundagai NSW, a place that is very dear to me, a farm called “Kimo”. I continued my childhood on that farm riding motorbikes and climbing trees. I then went off to boarding school at the age of 11 and spent my teens like any other normal kid: playing sport, chasing girls and discovering who I am.

After school I travelled for a few years and refined my skills in pretty much everything but work. Great times…. but when I came back home I had caught a bug – Photography. I knew this was the career for me. I had no idea that I wanted to be a wedding photographer but the next 10 years were spent sucking in as much information about all types of photography that I could. I went to Uni for a few years and studied commercial photography before assisting heaps of photographers around Melbourne.

Then I met a girl…….

An angel on the back of the ute in Tasmania. I fell in love in one second and chased her all the way to europe. The rest of my life could wait. I had met Emelia, the love of my life. I have never made a better decision than getting on that plane. Things worked out great, we were engaged in Paris in 2006 – I know romantic right! Upon our return (2007) we moved to Brisbane to make a new life for ourselves. We were married in late 2007 and in 2009 we were lucky enough to be joined by our little mate Max. We love our little boy so much……Even though he is now 4 and smart which is a horrible combination. We had 10 happy years in Qld but something needed to change, we all felt it….

And as life is, a curveball was thrown. The opportunity to move home to “Kimo” came in 2013. The opportunity to operate my wedding photography business from there and run the farm was too great an opportunity to pass up. Emelia was up for it, Max would love it. So now I am one of a very select group of Wedding Photographer/ Farmers that exist today, although I have never met another one!

Anyway we now live in the country with 11 dogs and a veggie garden and I travel to nearly every state in Australia to shoot weddings on weekends while running my wedding photography business, a farm and some other stuff too.

Where we go from here is a mystery, that is what I love about life.

Where I am taking my wedding photography, however, is crystal clear……….those beautiful little moments that I get experience with my family every day, I want to capture for my clients at their weddings with theirs.

Which brings me to my work….

My aim is to capture the true essence of who you guys are, who your family are, who your friends are and the interactions between all of you. I don’t like to set things up (but occasionally I just have to :)), I just love to take photographs. The excitement, the emotion, the unexpected at weddings just keep me inspired each and every day. People often say to me “you must get sick of photographing the same things each week” but their premis is wrong! Every wedding is different because the people are different, you are different. By photographing in this way every wedding is unique and interesting.

Please Take a little time to have a look at my family and the places that I love  below. It is something I do not do enough of. I have promised myself I will do more so watch this space……

Kimo Gundagai NSW Australlia

“Kimo” Gundagai

I stand quietly in the fresh morning air. The fogs are slowing clearing from the newly green hill tops as a dog barksClick Me »

Christmas 2012

This was a big family christmas. There have even been whisperings amongst the group  wondering “was this the bestClick Me »

Milly and Max

We have a fun little family and the best bit is that I get to hang around with these guys all the time. Max has the faceClick Me »

Not a wedding photographer for a while

As a wedding photographer I get to document one day in the life of my clients. As a father, who is a weddingClick Me »

Not a wedding photographer for a while (Part 1)

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To My Darling Wife Emelia…..

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