David Ferguson Wedding Photographer

A bit about me….

I am one of the worlds only Farmer/Photographers and live with my family in between Gundagai and Wagga Wagga. My wife Emelia and I also run a wedding and accomodation business at our farm called “Kimo Estate”. I shoot up to about 20 weddings a year now. My two boys Max and Archie get most of my spare time, that’s why I limit my weddings, I love spending time with my family. It’s really well balanced at the moment.


A bit about how I work….

I often get clients saying that they either don’t like having their photographs taken or that they are not very good at it. People naturally (me included) are a bit fearful of the camera, we feel nervous (or at least a bit odd) when we are asked to “smile”. I get that. My style of photographing weddings is to allow you to simply enjoy your day as if I wasn’t even there. If you guys are enjoying yourselves then I get the shots that I need. Even when I am doing your location shots, I will set you up on the background that I need and simply let you enjoy each others company. I start out wide and work my way in and by the time that I am right up close you guys will have forgotten that I am even there.

I shoot what I see, I shoot who you are. I don’t set a lot of stuff up and I don’t “pose” you guys. It is a very relaxed method of operating and time after time it gets results. Natural beautiful images of emotions, reactions and connections.

Want to chat about your plans….

Sure lets speak on the phone, skype or you can come to the farm and see me in my editing studio if you feel like a drive. It’s a beautiful part of the word.