Melbourne Wedding | Sorrento Baths | Sorrento, Vic

I have known Sarah for a while now, since she was a teenage girl. When I was told she was getting married it took me a while to comprehend that the young girl that I knew was old enough to get married. Then I remembered how old I was, the gap between us and I had satisfied my initial confusion. As a destination wedding photographer I get to travel to the most beautiful parts of the world. Sorrento is one of those places.

A wedding away from home is always fun and given that I was staying at my family farm for christmas and these guys were getting married early January, things just clicked. Sorrento, One hour from Melbourne is a great place for a wedding and this wedding was to be no different. I had popped in to see Sarah and the girls the evening before, it was good to see them so relaxed and enjoying the whole wedding experience in this beautiful beach house in Sorrento. The whole wedding day was wonderful. The people that I met, the venue (Sorrento baths), the dress, the boys, the girls, the families, the weather everything just seemed to go so well.

Thanks guys I hope you like the photo’s, thanks for looking after me so well and making me feel so welcome.