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Destination Wedding | Hervey Bay, Qld

Hervey Bay is a special place, 300km north of Brisbane. A rapidly growing regional town that is now moving it’s development into farm land. You only have to go two main roads inland from the highway and you are into cane fields and cattle farms, two streets the other way and you in the water. With spectacular locations for photographs and a great couple, i’m in the perfect spot for a wedding. Getting to know people is one of the most cherished part of what I do. Whilst I had met Marieke and Ruud in Brisbane a while ago, we have recently gotten to know each other well and Marieke and Ruud had got to know more about me my family since working towards the wedding. Marieke with the help of Love Bird Weddings have meticulously put this wedding together and Guests have flown in from all over the world but mainly from Holland, where Marieke and Ruud are originally from. Seeing Brides and Grooms with their loved ones and getting to know their families over the whole wedding is always a warming experience, but already knowing Marieke and Ruud makes it all the more special. Let me take you back on a journey through this beautiful wedding day. Let me show you how it was. How it is. It is such a relaxed and warm household that I walk into, family members are scattered throughout the large hose predominately doing their own thing. There is a buzz in the house, it’s a little quiet at the moment but I know it will soon gain momentum.  I realise that there are more people in the house than I had thought. Some I have met before, most I’m about to. The day is just getting started. The wedding Day……


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Styling by my Friends over at Love Bird Weddings who are style-tastic.