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Brisbane Wedding | Hillstone St Lucia | Brisbane, Qld

St Ignatius Church, UQ and Hillstone St Lucia

“If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right” Bob Basso

When I walk into a house on any given wedding day, I immediately get a sense of how my day is going to be. Having already been to see Jason and the boys (Gary, Matthew and Jason) on the St Lucia golf course, the house was full of Kendal’s family (mum and dad, sister Toni and nieces and nephews) and her beautiful bridesmaids Dee, Bianca and Tracey (and Katie). The house was buzzing with activity. Just the way I like it. I was set for a fun day. I had already shot Gary and Toni’s wedding a few years back and remained in contact since so it felt like I was practically one of the family. I think my photographs will explain it better but these guys are such lovely people, so warm so welcoming and so much fun.

What would a wedding be without kids doing what they please at the ceremony? What would a wedding be without ‘le tigre‘? What would it without the ‘sneaky shot? What without the Daylesford crew? Certainly not as much fun as being the photographer at this wedding.

Welcome to the wedding of Jason and Kendal…..


Ceremony: St Ignatius Catholic Church, Toowong | Location Shots: University of Queensland (UQ) | Dress: Darb Couture | Reception: Hillstone St Lucia | Shoes: Wayne Cooper | Hair and Makeup: The Powder Room

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