Destination Wedding | Waterfront | Noosa, Qld

“Some people feel the rain. Other’s just get wet.” B.Marley

As soon as I saw Kelly I was sure we were in for a fantastic and fun day. Kelly is a lovely girl, she has a really soothing calmness that is contagious. With the rain setting in and getting heavier all the time, Kelly was busy smiling and laughing, completely unfazed by the weather. Kelly’s Mum and Dad, Evonne and Roger were staring to get nervous about the enormity of the day, the excitement started building. Then it was time for a Noosa wedding!

“You’re getting married”

One thing that I love about wet weather weddings are the intimate settings for wedding ceremonies. Your family and guests, all nice and close, all under the same roof, there is just something really nice about this I find. Same with wet weather photography at weddings. There is no reason to fight it, enjoy it and make the weather part of the enjoyment or find a little protected area and own it…or do both.

With a quick change as day turned into night, it was party time at Noosa Waterfront. What do I do if it rains on my wedding day? Just enjoy it. The rain continued…..

……but no-one cared at all.


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