Not a wedding photographer for a while (Part 1)

Brisbane wedding photographer David Ferguson takes some time out from other peoples live and looks at his own family.

It’s a Monday, I’m sitting on the verandah of my childhood home, a stunning colonial homestead surrounded by immaculate gardens with large trees moving in the wind. There is no wind where I am sitting though, on this protected corner of the verandah. The sounds that I knew so well years ago, I hear again on this beautiful cool summers night. There are also more stars than I remember seeing and I am enjoying a cold beer after a 1200+ kilometer drive.

I shoot a lot of weddings for other people and I have decided that this summer is about me taking photographs for myself. Having neglected this side of my life and realised, it is now time for me to act and get back to what I love – for me.

A little earlier I mentioned the distance of my travels, not the circumstances. Myself, My wife Emelia (after an impromptu Christmas party), my 2 year old Max and the 14 month old and very exited dog Woody set off from Sunshine Beach and after a late start, 2 pretty easy days and a trip to the zoo everything has gone better than planned, everyone performed brilliantly!

Whether the highlight was the look in Maxies eyes as he said “I did it” for the first time ever , celebrating a massive milestone in his young life, congratulating himself and including others in a moment of obvious elation at his wonderful achievement of climbing onto a top bunk…..or whether it was watching my family throwing stones into puddles in the late afternoon sun after a break in the wet weather and thinking to myself “this is pretty nice”…… I’m not sure. But this is pretty nice.

David Ferguson is a Brisbane wedding photographer