Not a wedding photographer for a while

As a wedding photographer I get to document one day in the life of my clients. As a father, who is a wedding photographer, I get to document every moment that I can (which is all the time that I am not at a wedding). I consider it a gift to be able to photograph him, and the rest of my family, at these special occasions.

Maxi’s superhero 3rd Birthday

Our little man Max turned three, his first real birthday (he remembers). He was excited about it and, although he is still working on his computation skills, he was definitely counting down the days. We let him choose what sort of party he wanted and because he is obsessed with Super, Spider and Batman, naturally, it was a superhero party. We built it up suitably for him and Emelia and Stephanie (Maxies Ma-ma – its danish for Grandmother) worked feverishly for days before hand on cakes, balloons (or BA-da-doons as Max calls them), games, lolly bags and all sorts of other things. So a huge thank you to Steph for all her help.

Many Super hero’s came and it was such a lot of fun, I smiled…………a lot.

As far as Max’s is concerned though, I reckon he saw his birthday a little something like this …………………

1. I Opened presents before I had porridge,

2. My new bat suit arrived

3. Par-tay

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