To My Darling Wife Emelia…..

I talk about other peoples brides on their wedding day in my blog posts but today I thought that I would share with the world. I am often prone to refraining from public displays of affection but today I have decided to go flip-side and post an open letter to my beautiful wife. 4 Years ago today at my Mum and Dad’s farm “Kimo” in NSW we were married…..

To my Darling wife Emelia,

You are the warmest, happiest, friendliest person I know. Always willing to go out of your way for people that you have only just met, buying presents for people’s special occasions when we can’t afford it, agreeing to everyone when they ask you to do something with them or attend their event even when you are buggered. People naturally warm to you just like I did all those years ago in a hot smoky little room in Tasmania.

We have achieved so much together in our time and it is often hard to see that when we are living the hectic life that we lead. We have renovated two houses and lived in six others. We have lived in three states of Australia and three different countries. We’ve travelled for one year together but have now settled into our life in Sunshine Beach like it was always meant to be. We have the most beautiful little boy in the world and we work very hard to provide a happy home for him, we should be extremely proud of each other and of him. We just bought our first home and we have the rest of our lives together to build the many more chapters that will go on to make up the story of our life. When I think that we have only been married for 4 years and there are so many more to come, I am excited about all the wonderful things that lie ahead.

I am sure that I am not the easiest person to live with but put up with me you do. My various habits, my loud mouth, my sport addiction, my ordinary taste in ordinary food, I could go on all day…. Your patience for me is amazing and I love that you afford me the same patience every day. I remember vividly the moment that I saw you walk down the isle, you completely took my breath away. You looked simply perfect.

Liking towards me, I remember thinking that I was the luckiest person alive to be standing there waiting for you. Remember what you said to me when you saw me at the end of the isle on our wedding day? I was looking a little scruffy and a little splendid all at the same time (as I rarely have the ability to do – usually just scruffy) and you said to me, “did you have a big night?”. While some brides may be cross or upset or even angry you just looked me straight in the eye and gave me one of those beautiful little knowing smiles and every thing was good. I am not usually one for public displays but I want you and the world to know that I knew then, just like I know everyday, that you are my soul mate. I love you very much and I wish you a happy 4th anniversary.

Oh… and  baby….. I promise I will do our album next year….

Love always

Dave xo

Thanks to  Sydney wedding photographer and friend Florent Vidal for his lovely photographs.